Global Security Contract

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The Global Security Contract is an agreement established by Alcrys, applicable to the total design of all over-pressure regulating solutions. It is an integral part of our approach to developing innovative systems giving time-saving solutions.


For all our customers who are manufacturers or users of industrial gases, safety is the priority. But is proper handling and good maintenance of the equipment enough ? Alcrys designs in Global Safety. Therefore, we consider your application as a whole, with its technical, human and environmental restrictions. Aware of the risks and challenges, we develop  safe technology today for tomorrow.


The less is more, our equipment is configured to be both simple and ingenious. Our aim is to reduce and streamline systems from design to implementation. In this innovative way, we provide solutions enhanced by simplicity, that are easy to install, to operate and to maintain, optimising safety.

Streamlining systems for example, by using a simple connection I/O, removes the risk from human error associated with having a choice of multiple connecting components in addition to reducing the number of potential leak-paths.


All our systems are made using the highest quality certified materials and further improved by the expertise of Alcrys. 100% traceability, requirements and quality control…


Designing in comprehensive safety from the outset dictates the performance and reliability of the equipment. Aware of risks and challenges, we develop technical solutions offering a global safety :

PRESSURE This kind of risk is focused on pressure regulating equipment and connectors. Alcrys designs in free fitting systems to reduce number connections.

ELECTRO CHEMICAL It results from the interaction between gas, materials, temperature, atmospheric pressure and service. We manufacture from a reduced number of electro-chemically compatible materials. Fewer materials achieve better compatibility.

INHERENT Inherent risk may be due to a specific gas reaction, the unique application and set of physical/chemical requirements. Technical expertise is required, Alcrys conduct a preliminary approach to fully understand the complete requirement.

MECHANICAL These are risks associated with human behaviors -the way we work. Our solution ? A simplified design.Thanks to an ease of use, Human Error is reduced.

POLLUTION International standards and regulations are there to protect people and installations. Alcrys respects them. We also believe in Environmental Protection. Reducing pollution, designing compact systems reduces movement of product, multi-function cartridges have multiple uses… In this way, safer manufacture also means greener manufacture.

Your safety, our priority


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