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The Alcrysafe® connectors are designed to safely link the Pressure Equipment devices from the range with each other or to an in-line pressure reduction module.

Technical Information Non-return valve Stainless Steel

Resistance and sealing tailored for High Pressure gas installations : sealing PAI valve on stainless steel base unit.

Compatibles gases :
Inert Gases
Flammable Gases
Toxic and Corrosive Gases
Oxidizing Gases

Our connectors are entities comprising bolts, flanges, or liaison kits and O-ring seals.


Specifications :

Designed for High-Pressure gas uses, The Alcrysafe® range of connectors can be employed in conjunction with the whole range of gases and liquids compatible with the component materials.

Made in France

*Please, consult us if this principle is not applicable.

Welded flanges

Range of connectors-Screwed flanges

Screwed flanges
Range of connectors-Welded flanges

Liaison kits
Range of connectors-Liaison kits

We advise one sets the uptsream filtration at 25μm minimum.

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